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Year at a Glance for LeoJuly 22 - August 23, 2014
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Gretchen's Wheel 2014Leo

You hold center stage in 2015, radiating a distinctive, infectious enthusiasm, in a cycle that began July 2014. Like the sun, Leo must shine, naturally radiating inspiration and encouragement to others.

Be sensitive that your light is not so bright that you obscure and annoy others. Be curious and generous rather than zealous.

Your horizons have been exploding open in the last few years and you feel driven to explore all the possibilities. New cultures, new philosophies, newcomers entering your life—how do they help you clarify what makes you special?

Take care with grandiose schemes or unrealistic idealization of others’ capabilities. You are in a sustained window of physical purification and regeneration. Rest and play are important fuel for your heart; temper a tendency to push yourself.

Love—new or enduring—will require more time and devotion in order to flourish. If you feel unloved, unlovable, this is a great year for insights into what you could do differently to improve the situation.

Mid-year onwards, the universe showers you with abundant resources. Artistic Leos, direct your creativity. Choose what feels significant rather than what feels easy and comfortable (the house containing your astrological sun indicates where you most need to be visible). You do like to be the best, and may occasionally be bossy and egocentric. Oh dear.

Gretchen Lawlor © Mother Tongue Ink 2014

Gretchen Lawlor (Seattle, WA) Into my 3rd Destiny at 60, after 2nd Saturn Return- even more important to pass on what I have learned in 40+ years of devotion and study. Specialties: anyone in transition/crisis, esp. young people (I do astro counseling at the local high school), work, health, relationships, annual navigational maps, classes and workshops. In person/by phone . 206.391.8681
email Gretchen
- website
Gretchen Lawlor © Mother Tongue Ink 2010


Weekly Starcodes:

Heather Roan Robbins is a practical, intuitive, choice oriented astrologer, writer, celebrant, and spiritual counselor. Active for 30 plus years, she practices in St. Paul, Santa Fe, and New York City - 914.315.5001- email Heather - website

Starcodes for week of August 15, 2014
by Heather Roan Robbins

Three different threads weave through this complex week. The Sun, Venus, and Jupiter all in sociable, celebratory Leo brings the sociable and artistic fire and allows us to network and renew through creative experience. It also adds dramatic flair to self-expression, drama in the headlines and hyperbole in our speech. Sometimes we need to turn up the volume on an emotion or event to really understand its ramifications fully.

A darker, serious, if competent thread also weaves through with Mars and Saturn in brooding Scorpio; they ask us to look under the rocks and at the real problems. They stir and sweep up the darker corners of our psyche, and can precipitate strange dreams and dark thoughts, or make it really hard to let go of some thought or event that entangles us. But they also have a gift, they call us inwards for moments of connected solitude and give us satisfaction from deep research or concentrated effort.

The police, and armies around the world, have been acting up this year as Mars squared Uranus and Pluto three times this spring/summer, then entered Scorpio (July 27-Sept 13) where it plays hardball. Mars in Scorpio can trigger revenge fantasies even in the most evolved person, as well as precipitate dire consequences when we supersede boundaries and make another person or group feel unsafe. Scorpio does not forget. For the next few weeks, politics will be a tough round of karma coming home to roost.

As Mars conjuncts Saturn in Scorpio over the next few weeks, let's hold the authority (Saturn) of the people, and hold the Mars (our temper, adventure, sexuality, police, military, and machismo) accountable (Saturn).

So let’s watch our step. And make sure that an accidental flash of temper doesn’t start off a major conflagration. And instead dive into some project or expiration that would really like to do. Let’s also spend some sociable time out in public and give ourselves enough private time home alone with those closest to us. Each day needs a mix because both our most introverted sides and extroverted needs may be unusually loud.

A third thread starts to weave into the mix today as thoughtful Mercury enters industrious, nervous Virgo, and brings the first whiff of Autumn. We may see the first leaves turning and suddenly become interested in back to school supplies and fall clothes. Our attention is brought to our fall schedule or to needed personal and social healing. Watch the nervous energy as Mercury in Virgo can encourage us to perseverate on a worry. Instead let’s weave this mental activity in with that Scorpio seriousness and engage a problem or project with all our ingenuity. Or get a head start on our fall planning.

The weekend begins with a relatively practical grounded and industrious spate as Mars sextiles Pluto and Mercury enters Virgo. We chew over issues about the right use of power. We may need to both explore the mystery and solve the problem or get a new awareness of what needs healing. Notice an urge to eliminate, clean, fix, and purify. Encourage efforts to work together to share power and territory, because practical answers can be found.

A Venus-Jupiter conjunction in sunny Leo keeps our heart warm over the weekend but can increase our emotional expectations. It’s helpful to have a healthy way to engage the world on Sunday and Monday, because we can chaff at ordinary or too small circumstances and make drama where it doesn’t need to be. Some people may demand attention or affection inappropriately and need some clear boundaries. But it’s a wonderful time to show we love and share adventure.

Mercury comes to oppose Neptune on Sunday and Monday to bring our imagination to life and engage our alternate realities, but we may have trouble telling the difference between our imagination and the concrete world. Travel may be woven with strange delays and Communication can get a little screwy, so confirm what you hear, doubt what you think, but tell a wonderful story. Keep an eye out for weather delays or water problems. Be careful around intoxicants or other toxic substances, particularly when driving or having important discussions.

Yes we need to start looking at the season ahead, but let’s not jump the gun; Venus and Jupiter conjunct in Leo remind us that the real work of mid-August is to soak up creative fullness and first harvests with all our might, to fill up and renew.

Friday, August 15: The mood is embodied, hungry, and charismatic; let’s bring our thoughts back to Earth under a grounded Taurus Moon and as Mercury enters Virgo. Connect to the ground itself, to practice and traditions, to healing ways. Mars sextiles Pluto asks us to work towards mutual empowerment and reach out to collaborate with an unusual partner for a specific and practical solution. Engage earthy humor tonight.

Saturday, August 16: Accept differences or feel the friction as the Taurus Moon opposes Mars in Scorpio early on. A little gardening or other physical activity can work out the crankiness, lock horns judiciously or agree to disagree. Use a steady adventurous spirit to go exploring instead. Tonight we can tire easily or get serious unusually serious and may have to look for our sense of humor as the Moon opposes Saturn.

Sunday, August 17: After a slower paced, steady morning where the senses need to be fed, dive into a summer fun as the Moon enters talkative, distractible Gemini this afternoon. Concentration isn’t the point. Confirm details and check assumptions at the door, and write or dream a beautiful story together as mental Mercury opposes imaginative Neptune, and creative, sociable Venus conjuncts expansive Jupiter. Don’t expect another person to bring the light and joy into life instead is the source itself.

Monday, August 18: A nervy, confused, distracted, multitasking morning as the Gemini Moon squares nervous Mercury and squares Neptune. We can run multiple and successfully, if we can keep organized and bring the fun. Our mind runs through worst-case scenarios, or but can turn up some interesting material in the process. Keep talking, just don’t attached anyone idea and look for the quiet strength underneath nervous activity.

Tuesday, August 19: Network and have a good time. Make contacts and suggestions under the nervy Gemini Moon. Step outside and see what serendipity brings. But if anything really needs to be tracked, hold on carefully, as details and small items sift through the fingers.

Wednesday, August 20: It’s time to go home as the Moon wanes into more domestic and self-protective Cancer, but what does that really mean. We can drift and dream today and float on waves of emotion that may seem to float through our collective consciousness.

Thursday, August 21: Territory and boundary issues crop up as the Moon opposes Pluto. Connect in with one another and just offer kindness and support this morning; we may be feeling discombobulated or insufficient, or have trouble letting go of a strong but unproductive emotional attachment. Later communication flows but possibly on the more suspicious side, be careful not to interpret information just to support an opinion as Mercury trines Pluto.

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Starcodes for week of August 8, 2014

It’s time for something completely different. Summer renews us when we can change our pace and see the world from a different light, and this week both the Sun and Mercury form a supportive trine with unexpected, unsettling Uranus.

Uranus calls for fresh, unusual, electrifying experiences, but can appear surprisingly ruthless in the process. One client had a friendly Uranus aspect that called her to change how she saw the world and the world saw her (Uranus trine to ascendant); when she resisted, all her clothes were stolen from the laundromat and her eyes improved, so she suddenly needed new glasses. Sure, her new clothes fit much better and she could now see more clearly, but it might have been easier to work with this aspect voluntarily.

So let’s cooperate and choose to take a break. Go someplace, anyplace we’ve never been before, either fixed physically or conceptually. Let’s look at our own preconceptions, put them aside, and try on another person’s perspective. Take an intractable, stubborn problem and approach it from a completely different direction. Or take a long hike and look at our life from a mountaintop, take your retreat and look at our soul from deep within.

If we are feeling stuck in our ways, this positive jolt can be refreshing. Our imagination can be jumpstarted and a solution found where we saw none before. Or we may be stretched and refreshed by just exercising different muscles in our soul and body. But if our nerves are already frayed around the edges, we may feel even more threadbare and stretched thin, and the break we need is rest.

This fresh perspective can be helpful with ongoing internal arguments or external wrangling recently set off by a pile of planets in stubborn (though good for follow-through) fixed signs. We Jupiter, the Sun, Mercury, and soon Venus in shiny, storytelling, extroverted Leo pull us into the world and encourage us to shine, speak in hyperbole as well as revel in our own point of view, and this mood conflicts with Mars and Saturn in intensifying Scorpio that calls us to take everything more privately and more seriously.

On a good day, these two focus points can just balance one another and require that we spend some time out in the world, and sometime home alone, renewing in the quiet. But it can also lead to a dramatic and loud respond to any really serious, dark, Scorpionic abuse of power. If a sibling surreptitiously and purposefully steps on another siblings toe, the response will be melodramatic. If the press finds evidence of ongoing abuse, the story will be everywhere.

The weekend finishes under difficult, competent, manipulative Capricorn Moon-Pluto conjunction. We see the work that needs to be done, and can put willpower into the changes but have to be honest with ourselves about the situation, there’s no point in trying to manipulate others or our own concept of reality to fit what we want.

A beautiful, sociable, extroverted Full Moon in Aquarius over the weekend calls us to gather for art or politics, or even better, art and politics at the same time. The crowd sways, friends share, protests build momentum, the community flows. But individual intimate relationships may feel the stress of our public demands. Take a few minutes out to renew in the quiet, and to connect with those closest, so equanimity and relationships can stay strong in the busyness.

On Monday the Moon enters deeply feeling Pisces, and we may need to take inventory of feelings and consequences. Tuesday them Venus enters Leo and adds panache and drama to our story. Wednesday and Thursday the Aries moon brings back our verbs and excitement, and brings a lazy streak when we hold still. Take a break and explore. Ordinary just doesn’t cut it, if we need to keep working, let’s make it extraordinary.

Friday, August 8: Let’s get work done this morning and give a competent, obsessive Moon-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn a place to burrow. This is a powerful day; we can make a difference if we don’t give up as the Sun and Mercury trine brilliant Uranus. Logistics, history, old things, and elders matter. If we can work through temporary depression or feeling weighted by responsibilities, these aspects can help us appreciate our earned strength, as well as face an old problem or come to grips with the situation that needs real effort. Our earnest work is rewarded. Watch a serious edge tonight as Mercury squares Saturn.

Saturday, August 9:
We may feel tired and creaky this morning, aware of heavy consequences and ready for a break as the Sun squares Saturn. Tend to logistics in the morning, honor responsibilities. Lean into and feel supported by a group, friends, or community midday. The mood lifts later; it furthers to gather and howl at the Moon tonight as it waxes towards Aquarius.

Sunday, August 10: A Full Moon in Aquarius highlights the joy and tension of our individual need to shine in comparison with our responsibility to community and the collective. Take turns sharing attention, share potential and progress with like minds. Be mutually supportive but low maintenance today, as our intimate beloveds are distracted by events and group dynamics.

Monday, August 11: This is a perfect day to drift, dream, or rest on a beach on the beach, our brain may take a vacation even if our work schedule does not allow as the Moon enters sensitive Pisces and conjuncts Neptune. Open the heart as empathy and compassion may be called upon, but let’s not play the guilt card ourselves more than necessary. Notice a new truth revealed by our heightened sensitivities. Make it safe to be softhearted. Keep workload expectations down, nurture creative process instead.

Tuesday, August 12: “This little light of mine, I’m good to let it shine.” We all may need extra attention and consideration even if it’s just from ourselves. Ask for that attention in a good way; curb a desire to ask for pity or help when what we really need is appreciation and support. Do offer help to those people who really need it. It can be a day for heroics. Let’s look our dear ones directly but softly in the eye and let them know we’re here as Venus enters Leo.

Wednesday, August 13: An energetic, enthusiastic and brave day as the Moon enters freedom-loving, expressive Aries and trines both affectionate Venus and expansive Jupiter. Make a dramatic statement. Initiate. Reach out and touch someone. Make clear decisions. Pour out positive feedback. Just respect other people’s boundaries in one’s enthusiasm.

Thursday, August 14:
We’re ready to rumble this morning as that Aries Moon squares Pluto and conjuncts Uranus. Be empowered, not manipulative, as rebellion counters oppressive conditions. We can redirect this energy, this resistance into positive expression, exploration, and invention. Evening unfolds expansively if we explore our options.

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Hang on to your hats, 2014 has a wild birth chart, and looks to be a wild ride. We’re right in heart of metamorphosis now.
by Heather Roan Robbin

Our new year’s resolutions will be particularly important this year. As 2014 dawns, Pluto, Mercury, Sun and Moon conjunct in determined Capricorn, and all four oppose bountiful Jupiter and square both change-master Uranus and assertive Mars to form four corners of a grand square. Together they begin a new if unsettling cycle, remind us that we’re smack in the transition stage of societal transformation. 2012-2015 Uranus in Aries calls us to innovate and revolt, and wrestles with Pluto in Capricorn as it pulls us to reorganize structure and government while remembering the old ways.
It won’t help to fight the changes. It will help to honor the sadness for what’s leaving, let the ache flow through, and then look for what’s being born in its place.

These planets encourage us to confront uncomfortable problems squarely, but can also help us make unusually wonderful progress. All year long we can expect action in many cultural hot-spots, like women’s rights, gay rights, racial equality, indigenous rights, and sustainable economies. A surge of freedom-seeking politics (Uranus in Aries) can trigger opposing efforts to crack down (Pluto in Capricorn). A gap between generations widens with political, cultural and technological advances, but can be breached wherever we work together.

This change is not just political. Saturn, the planet of structure and training, in profound Scorpio until next December, challenges us to take this work deep within our souls and develop a lodestar composed of our deepest goals and brightest guiding lights, then use that lodestar to navigate the changing, sometimes storm-tossed landscape.

Mars spends an unusually long time in Venus-ruled Libra (where it already resides-12/9/13-7/28/14) dancing back (retrograde 3/2-5/20) and forth in that grand square with Pluto, Uranus, and Jupiter. It invites us to dance this revolution, to take a creative Venusian, heart-centered, egalitarian approach.

Spring stays unsettled and blustery, so find balance between the wind gusts. That grand square perfects again in April. It’ll be a rocky month; we can expect fireworks, but we can accomplish great shifts if we ride its waves.

Late spring a helpful grand trine between Jupiter, Saturn and Chiron allows us to make headway through unusual alliances and encourages healthier architecture and economic structure. Jupiter enters Leo mid-July and waltzes with Venus, our hearts will long for more love, compassion, and time with our muse, but can flare melodramatically when conflicted.

Jupiter trines Uranus in the fall and supports all that go back to school or turn their work towards their bliss. Technological inventiveness can leap forward and leave us and our equipment feeling out of date, but may provide solutions to key problems.

Tend to relationships of all kind in the fall, make sure all is on track, equal, and that dreams are shared, because the Sun squares Pluto and opposes Uranus Oct. 3- 9 and dances on our interpersonal tender spots. Let’s work together next fall rather than let it wedge us apart.

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