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Year at a Glance for Cancer June 20 - July 22, 2016
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CancerMapuche Kultrum © Paula Franco 2014
For the past few years, your personal relationships have been deepening or unraveling. In 2016, it’s time to renovate the way you see yourself and to modernize the stories you tell about the world. Rewrite the past in order to make a healthier present. It’s all about perspective. Re-imagine the life you’ve lived so far—change victim to heroine, show-off into bookworm, doormat into shaman.

The universe is giving you a green light to indulge in some romantic play.There is power and creativity in sexual pleasure. Enjoying yourself in safe sexual experiences could accelerate healing from past shame, restoring your body’s natural vitality. What stories does your body hold? How do your beliefs about your body shape your health and well-being?

It’s a critical moment for re-aligning the relationship between your health and a sense of meaning. Wisdom comes from experience. A wise woman inside you keeps trying to get your attention so she can tell you how to heal broken bodies and broken hearts. Tapping into the wisdom of your body brings positive adjustments to your physical health. Behold the power that is within you.

There is tension and vitality in your creative life. As these fires intensify, don’t let power struggles with children or random romantic encounters drain your expressive energy. Lovers and children can be great sources of inspiration this year, but the real epiphanies come from making art. Allow it to be a process rather than obsessing over the product.

Rhea Wolf © Mother Tongue Ink 2015

Rhea Wolf (Portland, OR) is a feminist, witch, performing poet, astrologer, mother, and community healer whose life purpose is to soulfully nourish the emerging culture. Author of The Light That Changes: The Moon in Astrology, Stories, and Time, she teaches at Portland School of Astrology. Email


Weekly Starcodes:

Heather Roan Robbins is a practical, intuitive, choice oriented astrologer, writer, celebrant, and spiritual counselor. Active for 30 plus years, she practices in St. Paul, Santa Fe, and New York City - 914.315.5001
Email Heather - website

Starcodes for week of June 24, 2016 (all times MDT)
by Heather Roan Robbins

Let’s put kindness first. We’re in a haze of deep and sensitive feelings with the Sun and Venus, and soon Mercury, all in Cancer, a sign that brings us to our hearts, to our feelings, brings our thoughts to home, homeland, and protection, and even xenophobia on a bad day. We may need unusual amounts of time along, or feel more easily bombarded by other people’s energy than usual.

Mars, the activating planet, stirs the depths of our psyche, stirring up strange dreams, unfinished business, and nudging some monstrous crocodiles in the swamps of our collective psyche as it retrograded, or appeared to work backwards, in its own deep sign of Scorpio, since May 27. As Mars turns direct this Wednesday (and finally leaves Scorpio on August 2) it encourages us to build up healthy momentum, and may give us a break from the recent Mars difficulties around old resentments, anger, and obsessions, and unfinished emotional business. But the turbulence can increase as it turns direct.

This won’t be a problem for most of us. Though we all need to be extra aware of what swims in our psyche we can acknowledge our anger or frustrations, and then take considered action, rather than letting these creatures run the show. But let’s keep our eyes open for problems around us. Let’s consider staying away from murky swamps of all types, and walk towards dangerous, wild corners with care because there will be places in the world where old resentments erupt and strange creatures threaten. But we also may notice some frustrated ambition of ours now begins to build momentum.

Mars entered Scorpio on January 6, progressed into Sagittarius March 7, turned retrograde on April 17 and retrograded back into Scorpio on May 27. Mars turns direct this Wednesday and finally leaves Scorpio on August 2.

But first, Friday is a great day to weave community and check in on old friends and organizations. Under in Aquarius Moon we may be unusually aware of ourselves in the body politic, whether we are considering attending a pride parade or thinking about how England and the European Union affect our work, or assessing our own position on the block.

We may feel a little raw and squishy over the weekend under sensitive Moon in Pisces, so it will feel good to relax around people that we know and trust. Be gentle all around, everyone may be feeling a little raw or distracted by their inner workings.

But our energy kicks up a notch as the Moon enters Aries on Monday, we need to be quick on our feet early next week. Decisions are made and power is brokered as Jupiter trines Pluto. If we want to be involved in those decisions, we need to speak up now and become part of the solution.

The mood shifts on Wednesday, slows down and deepens but may bring up some truly difficult moments. Mercury leaves buzzy Gemini and goes into more deeply feeling and thinking Cancer, the Moon enters more settled, earthy Taurus, and Mars turns direct. What has been blocked may now unblock, but that goes for the truly difficult plans as well as the good ones. Venus opposes Pluto over the next two days, and we may get a chance to grieve or let the sadness flow, a first stage in the healing. Let’s just be aware that everyone of us may be dealing with something that strikes a deep chord in our emotional body this week. Kindness helps.

Friday, June 24: This morning a collaborative Aquarius Moon squares active Mars and encourages community organizing around a cause, whether the community is our household, our block, old friends, or a socio-political group with which we identified. Midday, we may feel at loose ends, but can strengthen our connections and check in on projects in motion. Everyone can use some support. Tonight we may feel unusually vulnerable and choose a safe place to be sensitive as the Moon enter dreamy Pisces.
Moon square Mars 8:26 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 9:47 AM, Moon enters Pisces 8:30 PM.

Saturday, June 25:
It’s a good Saturday to drift in dream, to get a little maudlin and emotional, but a hard day to get anything done as the Moon conjuncts intuitive, watery Neptune and makes a lovely trine to the sun and Venus, but squares productive Saturn. We exchange information by osmosis, though not necessarily by words. Keep expectations low and the heart open; realized other people around may also be feeling a little raw and peeled.
Moon trine Sun 4:06 AM, Moon trine Venus 1:57 PM, Moon square Saturn 4:53 PM, Moon conjunct Neptune 5:45 PM.

Sunday, June 26:
Be gentle with one another this morning. We stay unusually sensitive and may need privacy because our nerve endings feel exposed. Check and clarify intentions during a tricky spell midafternoon as it’s all too easy to miss a message or misunderstand one another as the Moon squares Mercury. Evening, a certain restlessness instigates a desire for change of scene, sensory stimulation, and good conversation about how we can make things better as Mercury sextiles Uranus.
Moon opposed Jupiter 1:35 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 1:39 AM, Jupiter trine Pluto 6:30 AM, Moon square Mars 1:13 PM, Moon square Mercury 1:54 PM, Moon conjunct Chiron 4:54 PM, Mercury sextile Uranus 8:31 PM.

Monday, June 27:
Where we had a dream, yesterday, of improving the world, today we want to take more concrete action. Venus trines Neptune and brings a hopeful imagination to life, but the Moon kicks into activated Aries and hoping or wishing alone is not enough. We lose patience easily, but this can be to our advantage, don’t just get irritated; mobilize instead.
Moon enters Aries 1:07 AM, Chiron retrogrades 5:10 AM, Venus trine Neptune 7:52 AM, Mercury square Chiron 10:24 AM, Moon square Sun 12:18 PM, Moon trine Saturn 8:37 PM, Moon square Venus 10:59 PM.

Tuesday, June 28
: Moody depression nags us early this morning as the Moon squares Pluto. People can be just plain difficult today, but sometimes we feel we need to be difficult in order to get out of social niceties and get to our path. But let’s try to believe that we can dive into our truly authentic self and do what we came here to do without pushing away others at the same time. Expect the unexpected around dinner time as the Moon conjuncts Uranus.
Moon square Pluto 5:13 AM, Moon conjunct Uranus 6:12 PM.

Wednesday, June 29:
The Moon enters stubborn, sensual Taurus this morning, and Mercury leaves buzzy Gemini and enters more deeply feeling and thinking Cancer, which can, in the right circumstances, allow us to have a nurturing. Thoughtful. quiet day. But Mars also turns direct after weeks retrograde and that can really stir the pot. Where we do not have old resentments or hidden plans, all will be calm and begin to flow in the right direction. If people start to bring up something that has been bothering them, let them talk, make sure they feel heard, and wait to react and respond another day.
Moon sextile Mercury 1:45 AM, Moon enters Taurus 4:03 AM, Mercury enters Cancer 5:24 PM, Mars turns direct 5:38 PM, Moon sextile Sun 6:28 PM, Moon sextiles Neptune 11:58 PM.

Thursday, June 30:
We need comfort and reassurance, good gentle supporting food, and patience to do things with a steady pace; there’s a lot of emotional processing going on, distracting us, while Venus opposes Pluto. Events may remind us of the frailty of human life, or we may notice that as we open our heart, we open to the possibility of loss. Let this awareness make each life more precious. And let’s avoid any temptation to manipulate the ones we love, to guilt trip, or to read our own emotional ghosts into the situation. Creativity heels.
Moon sextiles Venus 5:57 AM, Moon trine Pluto 7:17 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 8:20 AM, Moon opposed Mars 6:18 PM, Venus opposes Pluto 9:31 PM, Moon sextile Chiron 9:54 PM.

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Starcodes for week of June 17, 2016 (all times MDT)

Astrologers got a lesson in the dwarf planet Eris last week, a planetoid that is a force more massive than Pluto, though Pluto is larger by volume. This new dwarf planet was named after the Greek goddess of discord and strife, and has one Moon, named Dysnomia, the Greek daemon of lawlessness.

Now Eris was only discovered January 5, 2005, so we are still uncovering its properties, but it seems to be well-named. Eris moves very slowly, has an orbital period of 558 Earth years, so we don’t see it go very far in our lifetime, but we are get beginning to see events when planets transit areas. Uranus conjunct Eris at 23° of Aries on June 9, Uranus will conjunct Eris again this September 25, and again March 17, 2017.

Play with that symbol for minute, the planet of primordial chaos and shocking events, electrical Uranus, conjuncts the planet of this court strife and lawlessness. Orlando Florida was incorporated July 31, 1875, with Venus at 23° of Cancer, now being exactly squared by this Uranus-Eris conjunction, and with Mercury at 19° of Cancer. Pluto is now at 16° of Capricorn, opposed this Mercury, and will be for a few years; this town has some deep healing to do.

Neptune is now sitting within a degree of Orlando’s Eris. Neptune and Saturn form an exact square this week, Neptune dissolves the boundaries and restrictions, this is a complicated aspect but one thing can produce is a lowering of restraints and restrictions and impulse control. Mars retrograde in Scorpio has been stirring the depth of our psyche May28-June30. Most of us will barely notice, or feel a resurgence of old concerns, fears or obsessions, and may find that we can concentrate once we get hooked into something we really love. But those huge unconscious, untamed crocodiles that swim around some people psyches are now activated, and with less restraints.

Most of us have not had to live through recent disasters in Orlando and other places around the globe, but can feel them resonating through the sub-ether; our boundaries are thinner than usual and we feel what the world you as Saturn squares Neptune in Pisces.

Recently the Sun and Venus conjunct in talkative Gemini, adding extra emotional charge to all we do but also helping us talk it out, and share support. This conjunction reminds us that the cure for strife can be found in love, love, mutual support, communication, empathy, and action that supports these.

Each astrological sign is the cure to the excess of the one before, the counterpoint. This week we leave the buzzy, busy, verbal activity of Gemini, and drop into our heart and our gut as Venus and the Sun enter Cancer, sign of family, homeland, nurturance and protection, and summer officially begins.

On this lightest week with longest days and shortest nights may the Sun illuminate our hearts and help us know ourselves better. Venus will begin to show up as an evening star just after some, dropped into Cancer, the leader of the waters. Even though we are experiencing these large-scale challenging aspects, this Venus-Sun conjunction can continue to inspire sweet moments, and radical acts of kindness. Though it will tend to keep us extra emotional, keep our empathy raw, keep our tears and laughter close to the surface.

And so begins picnic season. It’s time to work through some family karma; whether we’re home for the summer, on a family vacation, or growing our chosen family of the heart, all those layered family dynamics start ripening to be harvested.

All emotions swell and flow like tides. And like the crab, Cancer’s symbol, we can both swim through this ocean of emotion, but also develop claws and a shell to protect ourselves when we’re feeling particularly soft and squishy. We can nurture instead ourselves instead of defend. Countries tend to get more territorial, more guarded about the boundary boundaries and nationalistic. And so do people.

We may work to do on some important issues concerning security, structure, and our personal authority as this Cancerian need for security is underlined while structural Saturn squares Neptune. We may need to reevaluate a teacher or training we’ve received, not to throw it away but to assess the material for ourselves.

But first this Friday begins with the Gemini buzz, as Mercury the Sun and Venus are still there, but a broody, independent Moon-Mars conjunction in Scorpio can make us feel or say difficult things. Our inner world is strongly with us and our filters may be off. We can expect some outrageous comments in the headlines. Over the weekend the Moon waxes into outgoing, outspoken Sagittarius for weekend where it pays to travel, to get outside, and to remember that were an international citizen.

Notice a mental fogginess this weekend, we may just want to forget a tough week, but let’s be careful. Mental Mercury in Gemini squares Neptune early next week, and can leave us foggy, floating, spiritually connected or loaded with misperceptions. And of course it’s hard for us to tell which one we are. Neptune loves to keep us in confusion, and asks us to sense our way with kindness and delicacy. This aspect is lovely if we can soak in a tub or float in a pool. But we have to watch for the deleterious effects of alcohol, floods, and odd storms.

If we want to celebrate lightheartedness of the summer, let’s do so on Sunday under the waxing Sagittarius Moon. Monday is an unusually full astrological day, the Moon is full first thing in the morning and then enters more serious and industrious Capricorn. The Sun enters Cancer, the moment of summer solstice, at 4:34 PM MDT, a good time for more formal or personal ceremony. It may be a tricky day to get work done through some swirling crosscurrents. The energy picks up midweek and brings our work into focus, asks us to finalize some project or give form to our imagination as Mercury opposes Saturn and squares Neptune. The week finishes on a more altruistic and global perspective as the Moon enters communal Aquarius and Mercury squares expansive Jupiter.

Friday, June 17: The mood will be talkative on the surface, brooding in the depths. Don’t take people’s unwillingness to go deep to personally, there’s a lot stirring in our subconscious and on the waves of our emotions as the Scorpio Moon conjuncts Mars and Venus enters Cancer; we may need some privacy in our inner worlds. Focus and finish contacts; we need to follow through on what we said we’d do or people will get edgy. Avoid contentious topics unless you really want to go there, lightweight arguments can get serious quickly. Consider, but do not decide upon, issues of security, structure and personal authority. We want to slough off that tension and connect tonight as the Moon enters more upbeat Sagittarius.
Moon conjuncts Mars 7:52 AM, Moon trines Chiron 10:02 AM, Venus enters Cancer 1:38 PM, Moon enter Sagittarius 7:33 PM, Saturn squares Neptune 9:28 PM.

Saturday, June 18:
Scattered and wandering energy permeates the day, we can’t do everything we want at the same time, and may feel overbooked and indecisive, but can enjoy as much variety in a day as we can pack in while the Sagittarius Moon opposes Mercury. It will be hard to stay put, stay inside, and stay focused, but anything else can help us heal and explore. Some people may feel unusually outspoken; don’t be insulted by their frankness, just be amused. A tired or more formal edge around dinner time can relax as the evening progresses.
Moon opposed Mercury 12:48 PM, Moon conjunct Saturn 7:06 PM, Moon square Neptune 7:13 PM.

Sunday, June 19:
It's a generally upbeat Father’s Day, day of the Sun, a great day to prepare for tomorrow’s summer solstice. The nervy, talkative, outspoken, potentially upbeat Gemini-Sagittarius full Moon, exact tomorrow morning, can eases social banter, but it also gives voice to the deeper concerns. Under a teasing and curious note, we may have a chance to talk over important decisions or discuss issues that have been weighing heavily on her mind. Just make sure to be free with affection in the process.
Moon square Jupiter 2:15 AM, Moon trine Uranus 6:10 PM, Moon square Chiron 8:46 PM.

Monday, June 20:
A day to wake up, get conscious, and put work behind it. This longest day of the year can illuminate our mind and soul as well as our world. A Full Moon in Sagittarius at 5:02 AM MDT highlights where we want to travel in mind body and spirit, and where we want to run away. Mercury engages a complicated T-square with Saturn and Neptune as the Sun enters Cancer. We need to finish and start, make decisions and clear up misunderstandings; become more conscious of what’s truly going on with us. This is an astrological he busy day, let this energy stand strong behind all we do, and let’s do things that improve our situation at home and around the globe.
Moon opposed Sun 5:02 AM, Moon enters Capricorn 5:54 AM, Mercury opposed Saturn 8:55 AM, Mercury square Neptune 11:11 AM, Moon opposed Venus 12:51 PM, Sun enters Cancer 4:34 PM.

Tuesday, June 21
: A new seriousness pulls our energy inwards and asks us to deal with problems and projects we’ve been postponing. The Capricorn Moon encourages efforts this morning at the trines Jupiter then asks us to face our discouragement and work through it this afternoon as the Moon conjuncts Pluto. Watch control issues arise when we realize the work we need to do.
Moon sextile Neptune 4:41 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 11:58 AM, Moon conjunct Pluto 1:16 PM.

Wednesday, June 22:
We can still feel a grim edge this morning, but this focus can help us follow through on our work and help us be responsible. Just don’t fall for the note of discouragement hovering; instead, stay on target. We can relax and grow more collaborative, less controlling this afternoon as the Moon enters collective Aquarius and Mercury squares Jupiter. Look for a hopeful opening, and pursue it.
Moon sextile Mars 2:03 AM, Moon square Jupiter 2:57 AM, Moon sextile Chiron 5:20 AM, Moon enters Aquarius 2:08 PM, Mercury square Jupiter 4:58 PM.

Thursday, June 23:
Engage meetings, whether spontaneous or planned; we’ll find strength and efficiency in numbers. Bring in the allies, forgive minor differences, and work together as the Aquarius Moon trines Mercury. Check in with one another, with friends and community organizations, make sure everyone is doing okay, and knows that support is near.
Moon sextile Saturn 11:28 AM, Moon trine Mercury 11:48 PM.

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