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Year at a Glance for AriesMarch 20 - April 20, 2014
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Gretchen's Wheel 2014Aries

Since 2011 you’ve whirled through identities, a personal electrical storm—crusading, agitating, reinventing. And the people around you, ignited by your wild spirit, are startled into brave efforts.

A recent increase in “what the heck, why not?” confidence continues to serve you well in 2015. Pursue love, have children, be playful, be prolific and expressive in art or music. For success: focus on one thing at a time, consider the needs of others and be emotionally honest.

Continued resistance from authorities attached to the old order increases determination or fury. Training in new or specialized techniques in the second half of the year improves working conditions and relieves frustration of work politics. Seek a new job if your innovative efforts are not appreciated. Such Shifts meet with optimal success August onward.

A new exercise regimen helps you sweat out oppressive people and old habitual patterns. It is a good year for new diets and healing procedures. Study a self-healing technique that helps you master and direct the increased electricity arcing through your system.

Venues appear to launch some brilliant effort, especially in March and August. You of the Aries tribe are here to “boldly go where no one has gone before.” We need your daring, catalytic enthusiasm. Use your quick mind and contagious humor to handle any problems caused by your lack of attention to consequences. Keep an eye out for others better suited to carry on and stabilize your innovations.

Gretchen Lawlor © Mother Tongue Ink 2014

Gretchen Lawlor (Seattle, WA) Into my 3rd Destiny at 60, after 2nd Saturn Return- even more important to pass on what I have learned in 40+ years of devotion and study. Specialties: anyone in transition/crisis, esp. young people (I do astro counseling at the local high school), work, health, relationships, annual navigational maps, classes and workshops. In person/by phone . 206.391.8681
email Gretchen
- website
Gretchen Lawlor © Mother Tongue Ink 2010


Weekly Starcodes:

Heather Roan Robbins is a practical, intuitive, choice oriented astrologer, writer, celebrant, and spiritual counselor. Active for 30 plus years, she practices in St. Paul, Santa Fe, and New York City - 914.315.5001- email Heather - website

Starcodes for week of April 18, 2014
by Heather Roan Robbins

Crisis= danger + opportunity. Americans have romanticized Chinese wisdom around the concept of Weiji, the symbol for “crisis” constructed from Sino-characters that can represent "danger" and "opportunity”, and though this concept has been questioned as a Western projection, it certainly describes this week.

The mood is energized, excited, eventful, easily bored and easily riled up. We’re at a pivotal astrological turning point and will be dealt wildcards. This year’s major astrological aspect, a Grand Square in get-the-party-started cardinal signs, peaks this week as Mars at 13° of egalitarian Libra, Jupiter at 13° of cozy, territorial Cancer, Uranus at 13° of revolutionary Aries, and Pluto at 13° of organizational Capricorn, form four roads at a crossroad centered around our earthly home.

This planetary square-off can make it fun to be contentious; whether in lighthearted debate over the dinner table or deadly serious conflict, it’s tempting to define ourselves by what we push against rather than pull for. That whiff of excitement readies us to respond if a real emergency arises, and a few will around the globe, but most of us can use that buzz to energize our options. We don’t need to create an emergency just because we’re bored with small potatoes and want to be part of something bigger. There’s plenty of urgent work for us to engage.

This voltage puts wind in our sails if we know where we’re going. But frayed wires short out easily, so do frayed nerves, and so the mood can conflagrate quickly. It can get wacky out there. Some people are just cruising for a fight, irritable, rebellious if not quite sure towards what. A reckless quality is really a search for something exciting and vital, a desire to matter. But if we keep our mind’s open, conflicting ideas can stretch our minds and kick our thinking into gear. We don’t have to play into tension; we can break the heart open and encompass a wider horizon.

Mechanical problems and accidents may be probable, but can stimulate a spike of ingenuity which may translate into a technological leap forward. Expect a next generation of mind-blowing invention that reframes our world to be introduced or discovered this spring, possibly in response to problems posed now. When we go back in history and look at the changes triggered when Uranus and Pluto interact over the last couple hundred years (1965-66, 1932-34, 1901- 02, 1876 -77, 1850, 1821-22) we see these two trigger unrest and cultural and technological revolutions when they interact, more than political upheaval, though cultural changes inevitably alter the political landscape.

A lovely, emotionally-deepening sextile between Venus and Pluto, and friendly, kind, and practically creative trine between Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn helps to add some emotional stability to this wild time and encourages us to empathize with one another, feel our pulse beat with the pulse of history, and either feel that we may want to feel more than just okay in our relationship what more hearts touched, and can either move in closer together, or feel discontent with just okay.

The Sun enters earthy Taurus on Saturday and mental Mercury follows into Taurus on Wednesday. This Taurus energy takes some of the heat out of the recent feistiness, adds a bit of patience and deep stubbornness. Taurus offers astrological mulch that feeds the roots of whatever seeds we plant now. Taurus is earthy, sensual, nature’s mating season. The energy is less volatile and more determined for better or for worse; the ground is fertile for new opportunity. A grudge planted now will grow as deep roots as some wild invention or profound love. What shall our garden look like?

By the end of the week we may need to make a decision to put away the deadwood so that the living roast takes off, or choose at the crossroads what road we need to walk, and say goodbye to one path so that we can pursue another. We are changing, we can’t hide the fact, it’s becoming more obvious, and we may have to adjust our way of dealing with the world in response. Let’s do this thoughtfully and with an eye on the far horizon.

Friday, April 18: The mood is excited, irritable, and adventurous. We’re tired of going over the same old problems and need fresh material, though there’s some confusion about how to do so early this morning as the Moon squares Neptune. Avoid issues of blame, it’s just nerves. Small problems and important items can fall through the cracks because we’re distracted, so track carefully. Mid-afternoon keep eyes open for a serendipitous moment as the Moon trines Uranus, smooth social awkwardness with enthusiasm. Tonight can feel tired and wired; get out, keep that conversation going and entertain possibility.

Saturday, April 19: Engage under a positive and restless Sagittarius Moon. Humor, spontaneity, and life-changing discussions can help us re-invent. Listen for pivotal information and life-changing circumstances, new life breaks through the old, crusty mulch. The mood changes towards evening, slows down and grows more strategic with an undertone of power struggle as the Moon enters serious Capricorn and the Sun enters earthy Taurus.

Sunday, April 20: The uses and abuses of power, power over, empowerment; these are on the table as the grand square perfects. A practical desire to manifest difference can help us renovate our house, rebuild our garden or country. Let’s remember what’s most important to the soul and take steps in that direction now. An explosive quality percolates, we need to keep it moving and not let pressure build as the Moon conjuncts Pluto and rings the grand square like an autoharp chord. Do not give up; connect with people working towards common goals.

Monday, April 21: Our emotional attachments can be deeply tweaked, which can leave us feeling vulnerable but engaged. We can feel the rumbles of cultural earth tremors, feel our world shift as we question old assumptions and form new connections. Fate has put us together for a reason; look around at the new teams forming.

Tuesday, April 22: Stubbornness with a fighting spirit can push our personal best or make life a wrestling match, depending on our attitude, as Mars tightens its square to Jupiter and the Moon squares the Sun in fixed signs. Put this competitive spirit to good use; work towards improvement and let go of winning and being right. Muscular action, lawsuits, tough negotiations, labor disputes; if someone tries to hook us in an argument we don’t choose, we don’t have to let them call the shots; we can sidestep like a bullfighter.

Wednesday, April 23: Underneath a general community-minded friendliness, slower, deeper, more primordial feelings roil in the depths and stir our desire for acquisition, territory, possession, or just a moment alone. Our efforts can take root for better or worse. Important surgical decisions may need to be made; dig deep, weed the garden, decide what needs to be pruned so that fresh growth can take off as Mars perfects its square to Pluto and Mercury enters Taurus.

Thursday, April 24: Rather than test one another, hold hands while crossing the street. We’ll be feeling a little peeled and permeable with the Moon into sensitive, bittersweet Pisces, and may need to process all the feelings stirred up by this week’s events. Feelings jumble together; we feel for all sentient beings, we feel for ourselves, and for the road not taken. It can all feel like too much unless we can be there for one another with acceptance and in practical ways as Venus trine Saturn.

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Starcodes for week of April 11, 2014

We are in the strangest of times. For the rest of this month and on and off over the next year we have unusual amount of astrological voltage going through the system. Events precipitate quickly once they are begun. If we’re well-wired and with purpose, this extra voltage just gives us a boost in the right direction. We can make things happen.

Because of this voltage we may feel a certain urgency, as if we’re running out of time or stretched too thin. But if our wires are crossed we can short-circuit with either small blips or spectacular results. Just watch the headlines. Anxiousness can make some people rude or nudge them to act out strangely. We have to give each other a lot of slack, and step back, be safe but not take it personally when people act out; their nerves are spilling over.

Tectonic plates and lava flows are on the march. Our world is changing. And like those tectonic plates if we keep moving smoothly or in short small bursts, we can move worlds without disasters. The trouble comes where we get stuck and build up tension. So let’s keep moving, adjusting, adapting, going with the flow.

This excitement and tension comes as Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus, and Mars form four exact corners of a grand square, one that affects us all this season, and perfects ( becomes exact) over the next two weeks. Mars in Libra (for seven months) yells at us to take action to make life fairer for ourselves and others. Jupiter in Cancer (all this year) turns up the volume and calls us to take care of our home base, home family, motherland and home planet; this translate into nurturing for some, and into a territorial grab for others. Uranus in Aries (for eight years, beginning 2010) likes to shake things up; it adds urgency, impulsiveness, and brings a reactionary-revolutionary flair. Pluto in Capricorn (for sixteen long years, beginning 2008) is Roto-rooting our sense of justice, business, structure, authority, government, and security.
As these four planets square off around us they pull us in opposing directions, We can feel like we’re standing at a cross roads with horses pulling us in four directions, or even worse, at the crossroads with four cars bearing down on us at once. Venus now in sensitive Pisces, trine expansive Jupiter can help us to soften this impulsiveness with a natural sense of compassion and creative outpouring. But also occasionally make us want to beg off and just sit in the sun for a few minutes, and catch up with ourselves.

To underline this Grand Square, Mercury tap-dances on this pattern all week, and the Moon waxes full very close to the Square. Mercury, the symbolic trigger point for how we think, move, and transport takes some rough aspects, ones that can take us on a roller coaster but also help us get to the real work. Our thinking and our commentary can be erratic as Mercury conjuncts Uranus, we may want to look at the dark side as it squares Pluto and Jupiter, and opposes Mars. To handle this in a good way, we need to add stability, sanity, and balance to every situation.

Simple interactions can get complicated. They may shock us awake or have strange undertones of third-chakra power struggles. Confrontations are likely, but so is the potential for real breakthroughs. Our dreams or thinking can exaggerate the problem, but in doing so can help us see it clearly.

Pluto stations and turns retrograde, which can both help us look for missing planes in the deepest part of the ocean, or look for understanding buried deep in the psyche, but it also brings up deeper issues of power’s use and misuse.

A Full Moon joins the party just in time for the tax deadline. Let’s be calm and be a leavening influence on our community. Engage healthy adventure. Explore options while the gates are open. Be there for one another. Although we may be too emotionally charged to get to taxes easily this week, Math may be the only place where there’s a clear right answer and a wrong one; if we have to attend to taxes or paperwork in this wild and woolly time, let’s let the logic of numbers relax us.

Friday, April 11:
Energy levels waffle, unsettled edgy feelings nudge us; we long for an ideal but see what needs purging cleaning clearing under as the Virgo Moon opposes Venus and Neptune. Sort and edit, but question an underlying urgency; is it true, or is it just anxiety. Even if it’s tempting to mine the past for problems let’s keep our efforts constructive. Get those splinters out when they come up, let the feelings flow, but don’t wiggle a sore tooth just for the stimulation. Don’t take it personally if other people spot problematic details, we can all get distracted: help them stay focused on the real work at hand. Feelings deepen and our sense of potential expands tonight as Venus conjunct Neptune. Be honestly vulnerable.

Saturday, April 12:
Catch up and organize as the Virgo Moon sextiles Saturn. We know what we need to do, the details are laid out, but may not agree on an action plan; we’re industrious but not cooperative. Find clues in found pieces and creativity in the turning loam. Don’t make it just about work; listen to whisper of adventure and creative impulse. Don’t get spread too thin, nor get to persnickety, but do enjoy engaging a profound debate.

Sunday, April 13; As the Moon enters sociable, egalitarian Libra let’s repair nets, make contacts, and enrich teamwork and facilitate what’s already in progress. Peace and equanimity are rare this spring so help create a moment now. Tension builds more in the evening, but we don’t have to let it take over the show.

Monday, April 14: Our worries rattle around as the Moon opposes Mercury and sets off the grand square. Our worries rattle around as the Moon opposes Mercury. Wildcards are dealt; if an urgent decision is demanded, let’s make sure we mean it and aren’t just responding to someone else’s anxiety. Later, we expand, relax, but can get accident prone. Think before speaking, work towards long range goals rather than react to short-term one-upsmanship.

Tuesday, April 15: How do we balance our personal needs and those of our relationships and our world; the early morning Full Moon in Libra wants to know. Our minds may be troubled, strategic, worried with a sense of urgency and a fear of loss as Mercury squares Pluto and the Moon enters Scorpio this afternoon, just as taxes are due. If the parts of our mind just off the edge of our maps swarm with monsters, let’s stay in the center of our path. If we feel the consequences of world events echoing in our personal lives, let’s let it bring us closer and renew our priorities.

Wednesday, April 16: Watch out, people’s tales are twitching and snarkiness wafts on the spring breeze along with pollen and other irritants. Healthy debate, deep research, or working alone concentrating on our chosen task help us direct the Scorpio Moon focus as mental Mercury opposes energized Mars. It helps to have a cause, to engage a good fight, and therefore have more room to be kind at home. Although important decisions may need to be made, and stands may need to be taken, watch a tendency to blurt out regrettable but irrevocable statements. Let’s consider avoiding people and places that try our patience, and not believe our own internal cranky monologue.

Thursday, April 17:
We can stabilize the situation as the Moon conjuncts serious Saturn this morning then refocus in a more positive light as the Moon enters more upbeat Sagittarius and emotional Venus trines generous Jupiter this afternoon. Feels the weight shift, feel the camaraderie returning, friendliness and adventurous quality fill our sales. History is on the move, but we can bond while we cope.

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Hang on to your hats, 2014 has a wild birth chart, and looks to be a wild ride. We’re right in heart of metamorphosis now.

Our new year’s resolutions will be particularly important this year. As 2014 dawns, Pluto, Mercury, Sun and Moon conjunct in determined Capricorn, and all four oppose bountiful Jupiter and square both change-master Uranus and assertive Mars to form four corners of a grand square. Together they begin a new if unsettling cycle, remind us that we’re smack in the transition stage of societal transformation. 2012-2015 Uranus in Aries calls us to innovate and revolt, and wrestles with Pluto in Capricorn as it pulls us to reorganize structure and government while remembering the old ways.
It won’t help to fight the changes. It will help to honor the sadness for what’s leaving, let the ache flow through, and then look for what’s being born in its place.

These planets encourage us to confront uncomfortable problems squarely, but can also help us make unusually wonderful progress. All year long we can expect action in many cultural hot-spots, like women’s rights, gay rights, racial equality, indigenous rights, and sustainable economies. A surge of freedom-seeking politics (Uranus in Aries) can trigger opposing efforts to crack down (Pluto in Capricorn). A gap between generations widens with political, cultural and technological advances, but can be breached wherever we work together.

This change is not just political. Saturn, the planet of structure and training, in profound Scorpio until next December, challenges us to take this work deep within our souls and develop a lodestar composed of our deepest goals and brightest guiding lights, then use that lodestar to navigate the changing, sometimes storm-tossed landscape.

Mars spends an unusually long time in Venus-ruled Libra (where it already resides-12/9/13-7/28/14) dancing back (retrograde 3/2-5/20) and forth in that grand square with Pluto, Uranus, and Jupiter. It invites us to dance this revolution, to take a creative Venusian, heart-centered, egalitarian approach.

Spring stays unsettled and blustery, so find balance between the wind gusts. That grand square perfects again in April. It’ll be a rocky month; we can expect fireworks, but we can accomplish great shifts if we ride its waves.

Late spring a helpful grand trine between Jupiter, Saturn and Chiron allows us to make headway through unusual alliances and encourages healthier architecture and economic structure. Jupiter enters Leo mid-July and waltzes with Venus, our hearts will long for more love, compassion, and time with our muse, but can flare melodramatically when conflicted.

Jupiter trines Uranus in the fall and supports all that go back to school or turn their work towards their bliss. Technological inventiveness can leap forward and leave us and our equipment feeling out of date, but may provide solutions to key problems.

Tend to relationships of all kind in the fall, make sure all is on track, equal, and that dreams are shared, because the Sun squares Pluto and opposes Uranus Oct. 3- 9 and dances on our interpersonal tender spots. Let’s work together next fall rather than let it wedge us apart.

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