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Year at a Glance for Gemini May 20 - June 20, 2016
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Mapuche Kultrum © Paula Franco 2014Gemini
Geminis are often accused of being in their heads too much—spinning new tales and taking in the latest information from various sources. This year, the Gemini body will lead a revolution to take back some much-needed attention. Occasional flare-ups of physical discomfort may slow you down, especially related to elimination or sexual organs. If you can commit to listening to your body’s cues, you will discover a profound new source of intelligence. It is vital that you find healthy ways to release heat from your body, perhaps through rigorous exercise, saunas or safe sexual activity.

This year holds the potential to get a lot done, but it may be frustrating to work with others. Projects in which you call the shots will be less stressful. You are learning new tools at work—how to manage your time differently, when to ask for help, when to go it alone. Take exercise breaks when feeling restless or stressed out.

If loved ones are waving the last straw at you, it’s time to face the challenge: less talk, more action. Confusion and irritability in relationships reach fever pitch by the end of Spring. If you can quiet down in your interactions with partners, you’ll grasp what’s real versus what’s simply an idea your mind ran away with. By mid-year, make a decision and commit to a clear direction in regard to your love life.

Home is the place to find some levity and opportunities this year. Perhaps your home is up for a remodel or expansion. Make your space a place you truly enjoy being. Invite family and friends over. You can uplift your spirit by sinking your roots into the foundations of home, family, soulful longings. Those roots will nourish you come Autumn when the gates of creativity and self-expression open wide.

Rhea Wolf © Mother Tongue Ink 2015

Rhea Wolf (Portland, OR) is a feminist, witch, performing poet, astrologer, mother, and community healer whose life purpose is to soulfully nourish the emerging culture. Author of The Light That Changes: The Moon in Astrology, Stories, and Time, she teaches at Portland School of Astrology. Email


Weekly Starcodes:

Heather Roan Robbins is a practical, intuitive, choice oriented astrologer, writer, celebrant, and spiritual counselor. Active for 30 plus years, she practices in St. Paul, Santa Fe, and New York City - 914.315.5001
Email Heather - website

Starcodes for week of May 20, 2016 (all times MDT)
by Heather Roan Robbins

Expect windstorms and smoky fires, and probably not just on the political scene. The astrological energies switch gears this week and create some turbulence as they change. What was hidden becomes visible, what was stuck becomes unstuck, but this won’t always be easy. By the end of the week we get a green light and begin to feel a new chapter beginning.

Let’s be a little careful with our hearts this week, feelings can get easily hurt as we straighten out misunderstandings; we may find out what’s really been bothering a friend or what’s been brooding in the mind of a truly difficult person.

The weekend begins under a broody but fertile Scorpio moon, some strange power dynamics bring a tendency to wrestle with our self, our conscience or with one another as Mars challenges Pluto. We could feel frustrated by recent complications or sidetracked by unexpected adventures. Maybe our conscience is bugging us to let go of our personal agenda and get back to work, but it’s not quite time. But we can put some of that frustration into our creative process, into our connections, and make the best it for now.

The sun enters communicative Gemini today. Tomorrow, Saturday, the moon enters Sagittarius, the upbeat and honest sign of the traveler, and opposes the sun immediately, a great day for unexpected trips. With Mercury appearing to hold still, travel and serious travel may have its complications or delays, but an exploratory meander is good for the soul. We want to wander, and our feet know where they need to go. On Sunday Mercury turns direct after three weeks retrograde, marking a turning point to get us back on track.

Early next week a competent Capricorn moon supports our desire to refocus on the work of our next chapter. We may begin to pull out of our personal story and reconnect with community, the bigger picture, with national and international politics towards the end of the week.

Friday, May 20: Cranky and creative vibes make good blues music, but can leave us uncomfortable or dissatisfied. The conversation picks up as the sun enters verbal Gemini, notice undercurrents of unsettled business and old resentments under the Scorpio moon. Look for mechanical issues and mood swings tonight, and sing the blues rather than live it.

Saturday, May 21: After an inwards morning the mood switches midday under the full Moon in outgoing restless Sagittarius. We want to leave the familiar and explore cultures ideas, and landscapes, but may feel like we’re spinning in place. Minor irritations around dinner time ease into a sociable evening.

Sunday, May 22: Morning has and accident-prone quality, whether accidents of words, cars, or sharp implements as Mercury turns direct. So let’s make life and exercise in attention, move with grace, and think before we speak. Later on, watch the tides; be ready to jump in to straighten out problems when the opportunity arises. Tonight engage humorous honesty.

Monday, May 23: We have places to go, things to do, problems to explore, and fires to put out this morning. But may feel like were running around and chasing our tails, or traveling to get to where we need to start. Tomorrow a new layer of efficiency kicks in, today we gather information and get in a better position.

Tuesday, May 24: Feel an influx of organization competence, and begin work on the next chapter under an industrious Capricorn moon. If there is friction in relationships as Venus enters chatty Gemini and opposes Mars, enjoy sparks of differing opinions, but don’t get stuck there. Be open to friends, new conversational topics, new work connections.

Wednesday, May 25: It will not pay to keep trying the old solution, no matter how hard someone tries to talk us into it. We notice what’s missing, needs to be done. Instead getting discouraged, let it bring new determination to try a different approach.

Thursday, May 26: Tend to community relationships and team meetings on this sociable, political, but not particularly intimate day. Get a new feel for the lay of the land, for political allies and nemesis in both international politics and community dynamics.
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Starcodes for week of May 13, 2016 (all times MDT)

If we can kick back and relax, we can enjoy a heartfelt and aesthetically intriguing week. If we are on a deadline, strive to be understood, or expect efficiency (ours or others), we could find it frustrating.

The weekend starts with an auspicious and interesting Friday the 13th. Yes, there may be gremlins in our mechanics, yes there may be unexpected delays or lost items kind of mechanical failures as Mercury retrogrades. But there is a lot of warmth going around; Mercury joins Venus this weekend and together they form a grand trine with Jupiter Pluto, and life can be rich. This grand trine can bring old stuff back to the surface for our benefit, like retrieved jewels. We may want to talk on a deep level, about our deepest pains or greatest hopes. Or dive down deep with our soul and just spend time in our interior world.

We can also expect the uncovering of secrets. Our secret may be simply old clothes forgotten in the back of our closet or a family gift that got covered over by the tides of time. Or it may be the Machiavellian skeletons behind a politician’s cause. It’s a good week to reconnect with old friends and family, blow on the coals of old friendships or past work contacts and see which catch fire again.

But this Mercury retrograde in fixed and earthy Taurus also shows us where we are most attached. We may have to change our minds in response to new uncovered information, but it’s highly unlikely that we will change our minds based on debate or discussion, we’re unusually attached to our opinions and can rant and rail at political.

This fixed earthy energy intensifies jealousy. Possessiveness and greed can work their green monster troubles If we feel those primordial feelings of possessive jealousy or stubborn opinions growing like bindweed, we can take a step back, realize this is not necessarily ours; feel it, but don’t identify with it, and get a hair’s breadth more room to make healthy decisions under pressure.

Though we may be sidetracked by unexpected agenda and strange events with Mercury, Mars, Saturn, and Pluto retrograde, the trick is to make the most of each moment. If we’re stuck in a line, strike up a conversation with people nearby. If a car breaks down on the side of the highway, call on all the skills learned in the past to solve the problem. We have to get ingenious and exercise unusual soul muscles these days.

The weekend begins under a melodramatic, friendly, one might say even say bombastic Leo Moon, square the Sun. The Moon heads into more introspective and chore-oriented Virgo over the weekend, and joins Jupiter and Pluto in the grand earth trine. Let’s put the urge to analyze and craft to good use. We want to do tangible things, to learn something new will come to a fresh understanding, to touch, to feel, and to celebrate.

Early next week brings a generally friendly atmosphere but we may get our feelings hurt by an unfairness which turns out to be a misunderstanding. Build up goodwill with one another now before the Moon enters Scorpio on Thursday. Romantic expectations and our possessive streak thicken as the week goes on. It can hurt to feel challenged. It’s easy to blame an outsider, but we really need to nurture the strength of our connections instead.

Friday, May 13: An early morning burst of energy encourages us to try new things as the Moon trine’s Uranus, but by midmorning, a lazy or self-indulgent streak can really interfere with our efficiency. Later in the afternoon our words can take on beauty and symmetry as Mercury conjuncts Venus. We may not make our point efficiently, but we can tell poetic stories and sound lovely on the way. We may be ready to share some tender and sweet feelings about the past, the want to feel heard with the Moon in Leo, and can dramatize our point to get it across. Early evening is friendly and sociable, though let’s just be sensible and go to bed if we get cranky late tonight as the Moon enters Virgo.

Moon trine Uranus 9:02 AM, Moon square Sun 11:02 AM, Mercury conjunct Venus 1:10 PM, Venus trine Pluto 8:20 PM, Moon enters Virgo 11:51 PM.

Saturday, May 14:
After an early morning crankiness as the Moon squares Mars, we roll into a more thoughtful, productive, if slightly touchy day. The Virgo Moon encourages us to offer sound social critique and go back to work on unfinished projects or things that need healing and repairing. It furthers to have a mutual project. Just notice that everyone’s a bit touchy, and will take a helpful suggestion as if it’s criticism. Tonight we need time off, out of stress and offstage as the Moon opposes Neptune; but we can also dream how different things can be.

Moon square Mars 8:27 AM, Moon oppose Neptune 11:02 PM.

Sunday, May 15:
A lovely earthy day to weed in the garden and fix whatever needs to be fixed., Homes, souls, or relationships. We can free up tangled roots or free up some locked emotional place as the Moon conjunct Jupiter in Virgo by peeling away any strangling lines of weed or old critique that no longer serves. It is so important to us today to feel that the comments coming towards us have our best intentions at heart. Even though we may do with the intention to be helpful, watch a tendency to be critical this afternoon and evening. Tonight we may want to share stories about where our minds wandered lately, let’s just make sure everybody gets a turn.

Moon conjunct Jupiter 2:01 AM, Moon square Saturn 4:20 AM, Moon trine Mercury 7:31 AM, Moon trine Pluto 9:59 AM, Moon trine Venus 2:20 PM.

Monday, May 16:
We may grow both more sociable and friendly, yet more easily lonely, and really miss people that are far away, or get easily upset if we don’t get the time we want with the people we love. But if we can nurture the connections we have, there are some lovely new beginnings in the work as the Moon trine’s the Sun then enters Libra. At dinner time, look for clarity around some minor but tough to make decisions.

Moon trine Sun 3:20 AM, Moon enters Libra 11:32 AM, Moon sextile Mars 6:54 PM.

Tuesday, May 17:
A generally pleasant day, we can work on what matters to us, though a low level irritation can rise up like seeping water when our goals are our temporarily frustrated. Get people moving and organize human resources more comfortably as the Moon sextile Saturn this afternoon. Tonight, some emotional discomfort worries us, and it can be tempting to take this worry out on one another as the Moon squares Pluto, but they’re not the problem. Hold hands instead.

Moon sextile Saturn 4:34 PM, Moon square Pluto 10:37 PM.

Wednesday, May 18:
We may be feeling a little quirky, a little urgent, or unsettled in our feelings as Venus semi-sextiles Uranus. Our usual opinions and preferences can be challenged, and even changed, if we are lucky enough to be exposed to new information or breathtaking new view. We want to be fed by beauty, but from something we haven’t seen before. Be open to the breath of serendipity in what appears to be an inconvenience. This Venus-Uranus aspect can, but doesn’t have to, strain ongoing relationships; boldly go forth and explore together.

Venus semi-sextile Uranus 2:13 AM, Moon opposed Uranus 9:22 AM.

Thursday, May 19: Look out for stormy conditions and watch the chip on the shoulder as the moon waxes into Scorpio. Desires and frustrations intensify; we get seriously focused about our passions, territorial about what we value. Some will be looking for a fight. Feel the emotional torque and sidestep crimes of passion. Do not believe nasty comments; they’re random lightning bolts. If storm clouds swirl, dive between beneath the waves and remember the calm in the center of the soul.

Moon enters Scorpio 1:29 AM.

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A look at the year 2016.
by Heather Roan Robbin

We’ll have plenty of opportunity to learn from both calm and storm in 2016, and we need to stay awake, alive, engaged in hopeful to learn what we need to learn and direct the changes.

Let’s look at the lay of the land as 2016 dawns. Cultural earthquakes rumble on and momentum builds for the changes already in progress, but the dust is still so stirred up we can’t see the new pathways. We’re resonating from the 7 squares formed between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn between 2012-15, now waning but still within orb throughout the year, and the aftershocks will be with us for several more. Nothing, from our marriage systems to our ecosystem, will ever be the same as it was before. Think back to the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of 1965-68 (our last major Uranus-Pluto interaction), the enormous cultural shifts stimulated then resonated and revolutionized our culture and politics through the early 70s; we can expect the same few years of aftershocks creative bursts as our world culture and politics adjust to the changes wrought by that square.

Let’s take another look at the characters involved in the square. Pluto in Capricorn (2008-24) pushes us to renovate our approach to political, financial, and personal power around the globe. We see some people make an effort to crack down and tighten rule, here debates on how governing and policing structures need to evolve, from political parties to our own circles. Rebellion will naturally foment in response, energized by revolutionary, anarchistic, easily-ticked- off Uranus in independent Aries (2010-18). Over and over again we’ll learn the lesson that only a third perspective, where all parties can be heard and empowered, takes us beyond struggle and into creation.

The separating Uranus-Pluto square is still a powerful engine, it can amp up any fight or war we let get started, or leave us depressed or pushy if we don’t have clear goals. But, like any good engine, can also give us the charge we need to tackle our work and change our world for the better. We have an incredible potential to change what we do, and how we do it, around the globe, hopefully in enough time to encourage a more balanced climate.

Every time one of the faster moving personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) hits Pluto or Uranus, they sound off that square and our whole world vibrates; we are thrown a few wildcards and all our ongoing cultural changes are stirred up again. We saw this as Mars rang that bell in November and December of 2015, as Mercury conjunct Pluto and twang our issues of mortality and power a week before Christmas, and we will feel it again next week as the Sun conjuncts Pluto and rings that bell again on January 6, 2016, just as Mercury turns retrograde.

Uranus in Aries strangely attracts people to drastic solutions. Lightning bolts can crack open our sky and shock us with sudden challenges or exciting opportunities. A new generation needs to sort out their relationship to violence, and we can help them choose peace if we encourage this urgent hope towards a balance of power, and prove that people will listen, that they don’t have to resort to violence to be heard. If we don’t give them faith in this process, we can expect the revolutionary momentum to build.

Underneath this compelling search for new answers, Neptune in Pisces (2011-25) lets the veil between the worlds stay thin. Our imagination and spiritual hunger sit like a welcoming pool, waiting for us, though we have to consciously reach in to activate. Neptune in Pisces also highlights water issues of all type. Water quality, availability, pollution, floods and droughts; and all this is underlined and emphasized as Saturn squares Neptune on and off from November 2015 through September 2016.

As Saturn in Neptune square we see how permeable all boundaries are, the boundaries of our immune system, the boundaries between countries. From the travel of disease to the patterns of refugee migration, be see how boundaries are an illusion, that we are all one, and that what happens to the least of us happens to all of us.

Saturn in Sagittarius (2015-18) puts on the front burner and gives us a chance to work on a restructure all international relationships, educational and legal systems. On a personal level Saturn in Sagittarius wants us to be honest about our work and asks us to walk, dance, and bring disciplined joy to our movement. Saturn in Sagittarius will support any effort we make towards greener transportation methods.

Jupiter in Virgo (until 9/10) spurs the urge for public health and encourages publishing and education on all health-related matters, and gives us visceral examples to show how our health and our work are deeply intertwined. Our work can set us free. Jupiter in Libra (after 9/10) encourages us to explore expanded concepts of partnership.

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