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Year at a Glance for Sagittarius Nov. 23, 2015
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Gretchen's Wheel of the Year 2015Sagittarius
It’s the quest, the wild leap of faith, that enthralls Sagittarians so. And ahh, here comes paradox—slow and steady, purposeful Saturn will be in Sagittarius for two years, encouraging you to slow down and be more focused upon the present than that eternally spicy future which keeps you so unsettled, with bags packed.

In the last couple of years, you have been busy reviewing and completing, dismantling an old self. In 2015 you begin to rebuild your image. You become more disciplined in your appearance and how you project yourself to the world. Your body is less willing to overlook your indulgences, requiring attention to what you eat. You will need more rest. A spiritual exercise regime such as yoga stretches, tones and inspires.

Some Sagittarians will journey early in the year to a place they can imagine living forever. In this new locale, concentration and discipline are more available. You correct bad habits and take up new customs. Even if you don’t move, your reputation is ready to travel. You might inspire through teaching courses in meaningful living, or publish the book you have been procrastinating over.

Your inner child is very present in your life—excited, enthusiastic, and in search of playmates. You will annoy some people with your impudence; some will be charmed. Your shenanigans may reach the papers, much to your delight, though inwardly that may provoke some analysis of principles and subsequent course correction.

Gretchen Lawlor © Mother Tongue Ink 2014

Gretchen Lawlor (Seattle, WA) Into my 3rd Destiny at 60, after 2nd Saturn Return- even more important to pass on what I have learned in 40+ years of devotion and study. Specialties: anyone in transition/crisis, esp. young people (I do astro counseling at the local high school), work, health, relationships, annual navigational maps, classes and workshops. In person/by phone . 206.391.8681
email Gretchen
- website
Gretchen Lawlor © Mother Tongue Ink 2010

Weekly Starcodes:

Heather Roan Robbins is a practical, intuitive, choice oriented astrologer, writer, celebrant, and spiritual counselor. Active for 30 plus years, she practices in St. Paul, Santa Fe, and New York City - 914.315.5001- email Heather - website

Starcodes for week of November 20, 2015
by Heather Roan Robbins

There is no astrological excuse for terrible events, because we all have free will and choice. We humans usually live out the symbols of a transit, but each symbol has a wide range of expression, from the gift form through the practical issues to its profound challenge. Nothing forces us to live out an astrological transit in the lowest form, and it’s always our soul’s choice how we respond to the transits.

Astrologers can see the patterns, note the triggers, and suggest how to work with them, but we cannot deprive people of their authorship. We don’t know what you’re going to do with the transit. The recent attacks in Beirut and Paris, and the consequent retaliation, was implemented while both Sun and Mercury worked through Scorpio, and the low note of Scorpio is obsession and revenge. Most of us experienced its neutral form of quiet reserve and focus. But it also breeds profound curiosity and the capacity to understand the complexity of the situation. Scorpio encourages us to be willing to look under the rocks, see the most uncomfortable truths, and find a transformative response. But we have to choose to go there.

The minor foreground aspects that affect our everyday life can bring something minor on a personal level, but when they play off these large major aspects, can trigger something much larger on the world stage. This year’s defining aspect, the back drop over which all the faster moving weekly transits enact, is a challenging square between Saturn and Neptune. Saturn is the symbol of tradition and knowledge on the gift edge, through practical discipline, personal authority and boundaries, on to restriction and oppression on the challenging edge. Neptune is symbolic of intuition, imagination, and spirituality on its positive side, religion, water, oil, dissolution in the pragmatic level and confusion, delusion, addictions, poisoning and martyrdom in its most challenging form.

Throughout this year we can feel lethargic, confused or depressed about all our Saturn issues, about our work or safety, authority structures or personal traditions. We’ll experience leaky (Neptune) boundaries (Saturn) on a personal and international level, and need to wisely strengthen our edges. We’ll be called to be our brother’s keeper (Neptune spirituality meets Saturn responsibility).We may see drought or flood, or experience a crisis of faith.

We can add discipline to our spiritual practice or find traditional ways to prevent martyrdom. This aspect is helpful if work to overcome (Saturn) addictions (Neptune), whether it’s a personal addiction to some escapism, or national addiction to oil. If we suffer from restricted imagination, it will help to practice our craft, and use positive Saturn (disciple, tradition, learning over time and through practice) to prime the pump. Do not give up hope. Use this contemplative time in a good way. Saturn squares Neptune exactly on November 26, and again in 2016 on June 17 and September 10, but we’ll feel it all year long.

The two planets symbolic of our emotions, Venus and Mars run together from Mid-October through mid-November and, along with recent Sun spots, amp up all our emotional responses, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Venus and Mars now run together in Libra- we (and all invested parties around the globe) are unusually motivated a craving for social justice- though we may not agree on what that means. Libra is the sign of open warfare and law as much as it’s the sign of love; it speaks of any relationship between equals.

And that is the secret, how do we act with each other in love and war as if we are equals, and offer equal power, equal voice, and equal Saturnine qualities of accountability and responsibility. Anything else can bring a war cry. Remember we always have a choice about how we respond to the transits, so choose wisely, and choose with honesty, hope, and compassion.

This week:

Mercury leaves Scorpio and enters Sagittarius for a swift and honest response, but opens up the conversation. The Sun enters Sagittarius on Sunday. Sagittarius sees things forthrightly and with a world view; we will be talking about international politics and our philosophy non-stop, at the coffee shop and on the evening news. If we can use this combination to speak honestly and work together, it bodes well. It can also speak of a time when people speak without filtering for diplomacy and really put their foot in the mouth, especially under stress.

Give the people around you leeway to just shoot off their mouth for a while; our anxiety can spill forth at first, then peter off into a more subtle and complex form of honesty. Thanksgiving and most of the holiday season’s parties occur in this potentially positive Sagittarius season. Sagittarius energy can help us appreciate what we do have and can build from there. If we’re honest with ourselves.

The weekend begins with a Sun-North node sextile, a minor aspect that encourages us to work together to accomplish a goal. The next few days are active, but not necessarily wise. An unsettling Mercury-Uranus semi-square on Saturday under an Aries Moon keeps us excitable and potentially hot under the collar, it’s up to us to keep us focused on solutions. We can use this unsettled energy to break out of ruts, but the political scene continues to simmer. Venus moves into a tricky T-square with Pluto and Uranus and our heart hurts for all the tumultuous pain, leaves us keenly aware of what we’ve lost, aware that trust and safety are ephemeral. Stay steady. We are processing loss for the world, we feel the pain of the world consciously or unconsciously and are never separate from the history of the world around. Our psyches are too leaky, our world too connected.

Friday, November 20: Our hearts are so soft and vulnerable they can be very guarded in response. The Pisces Moon echoes the poignant, sad Venus square Pluto and lists all the places that hurt. Sagittarius Mercury enters Sagittarius and may take a filter off our communication. People speak their minds, often without thinking through. This brings new layers of truth but not necessarily new layers of wisdom. That’ll be up to us. Be kind, everyone is feeling so raw; it can be hard to be practically competent as we roll on the waves of the oceanic collective subconscious. Engage prayer, art, and radical acts of kindness.

Sun sextile North node 4:18 AM, Moon sextile Pluto 4:54 AM, Mercury enters Sagittarius 12:43 PM, Moon opposed Jupiter 3:05 PM, Venus square Pluto 7:01 PM.

Saturday, November 21:
This could be a difficult day, or it could be a relief, depending on our circumstance. Willfulness and decisiveness return and so does our contrariness as the Moon enters feisty Aries, Mercury forms a minor but tense aspect to Uranus and tempts us to do something, anything to relieve an interior discomfort. And that can get us in trouble. Instead, explore, connect, and repair. Notice an anxiety from feeling we should do more than we are, and take the time to do it wisely. Everyone may need to act out, let’s just be aware of how we impact others when we do so. Evening may be moody and disconnected, but we can hold hands while we roam around.

Sun semi-square Pluto 3:13 AM, Moon trine Sun 6:22 AM, Moon enters Aries 8:12 AM, Moon trine Mercury 10:35 AM, Moon opposed Mars 5:14 PM, Moon trine Saturn 6:59 PM, Mercury sesqui-quadrate Uranus 7:44 PM,

Sunday, November 22:
The Sun enters Sagittarius and the mood could lighten up, or we could shift into action gear. It furthers to move, to dance, to walk in the woods. Get on a mountaintop and get some perspective. Midday we can easily kick into high gear and get our house ready for Thanksgiving as the Moon conjuncts Uranus. We are ready to move furniture. Or troops. Our thoughts may be on food, food supply food source, food content. We also have the capacity to stand back and be more philosophical, but not everybody will want to go there.

Saturn sextiles Ceres 4:42 AM, Moon square Pluto 6:59 AM, Sun enters Sagittarius 8:25 AM, Moon opposed Venus 9:56 AM, Moon conjunct Uranus 12:15 PM, Moon semi-square Neptune 8:26 PM,

Monday, November 23:
Some people will have a change of heart, but all of us have a chance to make a solid and practical move forward as the Moon enters stabilizing and stubborn Taurus. Tempers will tend to either calm down or entrench as Mars sextile Saturn, but there’s more room for practical rather than reactionary responses. With Mercury in Sagittarius we’re still easily distracted and tend to run 10 different things at once Venus opposes Uranus. It furthers to make lists and organize.

Moon enters Taurus 9:25 AM, Venus opposes Uranus 3:13 PM, Moon sextile Neptune 8:50 PM, Mars sextile Saturn 10:18 PM.

Tuesday, November 24
: We may feel confused or unsure (but appear highly opinionated) about where we’re going or how we’re going to pull this off as the Sun sesqui-quadrates erratic Uranus and active Mars quincunx Neptune. Instead of running headlong into the fog, we can take the practical next step, and then another, and reassess. Evening brings more certainty and rigorous thinking but can leave us depressed as Mercury conjunct Saturn and squares Neptune. Think it through, think seriously, but make sure to see the whole picture and not just the problem.

Sun sesqui-quadrate Uranus 5:14 AM, Moon trine Pluto 7:56 AM, Mars quincunx Neptune 8:58 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 6:25 PM, Mercury conjunct Saturn 9:56 PM.

Wednesday, November 25:
Mercury squares Neptune under a full Moon in Gemini on this heavy travel day; notice the weather patterns and play it safe. Watch for misunderstandings or mistake in recipe ingredients as Mercury squares Neptune. We can get so scattered, and need to appreciate the humor in slapstick in this instead of getting even more frazzled when the mistakes occur. If depression or moodiness wafts, bring the attention in and return to what matters; safety, love, hearth and home. This is an important time to count our blessings. Do not let the pains of recent world events overwhelm. Focus on what we want to grow in our world.

Mercury square Neptune 12:14 AM, Mercury sextile Mars 9:31 AM, Moon enters Gemini 10:15 AM, Moon opposed Sun 3:44 PM, Moon opposed Saturn 9:46 PM, Moon square Neptune 9:49 PM.

Thursday, November 26:
On the surface the conversation is buzzing, many people many hands can make the work light. Humor percolates, though people will tend to talk over each other or at cross purposes. And let us give thanks for every drop of this bubbling interaction as the Moon trines Venus and sextiles Jupiter. The Saturn-Neptune square is exact today and provides the moody undercurrents. We feast over the deeper worries; let them add poignancy and gratitude. Weave the community and the strength we need to handle all larger problems.

Moon opposed Neptune 12:25 AM, Saturn square Neptune 5:14 AM, Moon sextile Uranus 2:15 PM, Moon sextile Jupiter 8:23 PM, Moon trine Venus 8:35 PM.

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Starcodes for week of November 13, 2015

Get up before sunrise (or stay up late) and see Venus and Mars waltzing together so near to Jupiter close to the Eastern horizon. Take this opportunity to commune with our nearby planetary neighbors, feel connected to the solar system and let their beauty flow into the heart. Venus and Mars are the planets that signify our emotional, social, and creative nature and are now dancing together in Libra, the sign of romance, love, beauty and social justice. That may not be what we have, but we long for this ideal.

Although this is generally a focused and hard-working month with Sun and Mercury in intense and scrappy Scorpio, both are sextile expansive Jupiter this weekend and loan us a more optimistic, idealistic undercurrent. They remind us that friendships can blossom and small groups of dedicated people can actually make a difference. But because we feel this ideal is possible, hovering just over the horizon, the world’s discordant unfairness can really grate on our heart.

We are encouraged to be friendly and comfortable, and create beauty around us wherever we go by Venus and Mars in Libra, sextile Saturn and quincunx Neptune. They may also inspire us to take up a cause for the beauty way, a cause to make our world more beautiful because we treat each other in a more balanced and egalitarian way. We may find it unusually satisfying to work for our causes and confront in the social-political arena, unusually wonderful to work together with friends or family in an act of kindness or compassion, but can be unusually adverse to confrontation close at home.

Venus and Mars together in Libra can heat up both our romantic thoughts and our personal expectations. And here we have to be careful so as not to set ourselves up for disappointment. We may feel a little bit more soft emotionally open or needy, but with Mercury now in inward-looking, emotional risk-aversive Scorpio, it can be tricky to express this vulnerability. We may expect another person to apologize or make the overture, but they’re waiting for us to do the same, and both parties can end up disappointed unless someone has the guts to reach out. Be brave.

But if someone’s expectations are truly unwanted, we need to be very clear about our boundaries, because Mercury in Scorpio can also inflame obsessions. These expectations could be romantic, or it could be the financial dunning from favored charities and political organizations that can leave one feeling overextended. Be considerate, though, because that Scorpio line-up also stimulate passive aggression or meanness if we feel disrespected.

Take this clarification out a step farther and assess the interpersonal expectations in any ongoing relationships, like family, working partnerships or spiritual groups. We may not want to process uncomfortable details right now, but really don’t need feel judged by unspoken criteria and experience the mysterious disappointments that can creep up otherwise.

The weekend begins under a friendly, outspoken Sagittarius Moon, a great time to run into old friends or strike up a laughing conversation with a stranger and make a new one. We can have unusually open and substantial conversations about difficult topics, though may find small talk hard. Over the weekend let’s laugh more and work less, or take the work outside and refill our wells so our health stays strong in this industrious month. Early next week we can feel some tension between our work and our need to socialize, between pragmatism and beauty. But we don’t need to take the stress out on each other.

The Moon enters stubborn and political Aquarius midweek as the Sun conjuncts Mercury. We may seem open, but can be inordinately stubborn. Watch for passive aggressive behavior when we’d like to be more diplomatic than we really are. Use this pleasant, diplomatic ability not to avoid the tough stuff this week, but to deal with it with kindness, integrity, and insight.

Friday, November 13: Pointed, irreverent, and idealistic; the mood of this day can seem deceptively simple, but we work on so many layers. Enjoy a friendly camaraderie wherever possible as Venus sextiles Saturn and Mercury sextiles Jupiter. Be the person others can count on, help them see a silver lining even in a dark cloud. Don’t be too Pollyanna-like, as Scorpio cynicism lurks around the edges, but encourage people to believe in potential. Connect with old friends or with something that has stood the test time. Grow those sweet connections that weave a community together with kind perception.

Mercury sextile Hygeia 8:36 AM, Venus sextile Saturn 10:11 AM, Mercury sextile Jupiter 11:17 AM, Moon trine Uranus 5:22 PM, Moon square Jupiter 8:18 PM

Saturday, November 14
: This morning we may feel how overextended we’ve been, and need to unwind in to recharge. More than rest, we need to play, to do what brings us joy as Jupiter conjuncts Hygeia, and underlines our body-mind connection. Tonight grows more formal as the Moon enters Capricorn, we can get more serious, even grim or impatient as the Moon square Mars: but can still choose to enjoy the evening if we roll with events and prioritize experience and not perfection. Tradition, history, old school approaches further.

Jupiter conjunct Hygeia 10:44 AM, Moon enters Capricorn 5:21 PM, Venus quincunx Neptune 6:32 PM Moon, Moon square Mars 7:50 PM.

Sunday, November 15:
Our chores start knocking on the doors of our conscience. Notice but don’t get stressed out; let the morning be restful, but by midday, use a desire to organize to discuss upcoming plans for the holidays or for life as we know it. We need to process, and some of our concerns are floating to the surface to be dealt with, but we don’t have to get wound up to do so. Communication can snag in long-term relationships of any sort as Mercury quincunx the asteroid Juno and Neptune sesqui-quadrates Juno. We may think we’ve heard one another, but can get so focused on our concerns that we get a little controlling or compulsive and don’t really listen. Practice great relationship skills, it will actually save time in the long run.

Moon sextile Neptune 6:25 AM, Moon square Venus 7:32 AM, Mercury semi-sextile Juno 10:41 AM, Neptune Sesqui-quadrate Juno 4:59 PM, Moon conjunct Pluto 6:37 PM.

Monday, November 16:
Organize and team-build the same time; we can feel both driven by our goals under an industrious Capricorn Moon but also are able to work out some interpersonal quirks. If people have a slightly frantic look in their eyes, find out what’s pressing upon them and use that to hook them into the conversation. If people feel supported in their deepest challenges, they will support right back. The mood can be a bit grim and focused though with an underlying friendly vibe, a very productive day to get teams organized and everybody on the same page for upcoming work.

Moon square Uranus 1:07 AM, Moon trine Jupiter 4:05 AM, Moon sextile Mercury 12:58 PM, Moon sextile Sun 1:52 PM.

Tuesday, November 17:
Our thought translates into action easily as Mercury conjuncts the Sun while a congenial, political Aquarius Moon trines both Venus and Mars. Both consciousness and unconsciousness are busy expressing today, but may be saying different things; notice any difference between what a person says and what they do to get a picture of the integration or tension within. The day may bring political savvy but interpersonal awkwardness, as if we can see the big picture but can’t quite see those close to us. Although it’s not a warm and fuzzy day, potentially productive teamwork can help us put in proposals or contact political representatives. Be charming but watch a tendency to use charisma to manipulate for personal gains tonight, it will erode trust.

Moon enters Aquarius 12:24 AM, Mercury semi-square Venus 4:36 AM, Moon square Mars 5:22 AM, Sun conjunct Mercury 7:52 AM, Moon sextile Saturn 11:10 AM, Moon trine Venus 6:58 PM, Sun semi-square Venus 9:52 PM.

Wednesday, November 18:
It may feel easier to work solo, but we get farther if we can bring our team along. Frank and confident honesty clarifies some misperceptions as Neptune turns direct after months retrograde; some illusion or uncertainty may begin to clear up. But people can dig their heels in if opposed or if their philosophies are confronted. Watch for stalling storm systems or other odd weather, and stalling philosophies. A situation may arise where we are challenged to walk our talk; our philosophy may not feel particularly practical or comfortable to live by, but it is important to either be true to what we believe, or change our philosophy to be more authentic.

Moon sextile Uranus 6:54 AM, Neptune stationary direct 9:30 AM, Sun square Moon 12:27 PM.

Thursday, November 19:
Listen to dreams and other auspices today as Mercury sextiles the North node and the Moon enters intuitive Pisces. We can curl up and drift in our imaginings today, but may feel too sensitive to deal with everything else. Don’t even think of guilt tripping or trying to manipulate with feelings because it will backfire. Notice a strong urge to cut out anything that hurts. Be very respectful of feelings, give people the space in the privacy they need. Radical acts of kindness and compassion need to be our art form.

Moon square Mercury 1:19 AM, Moon enters Pisces 5:21 AM, Moon square Saturn 4:08 PM, Moon conjunct Neptune 5:26 PM, Mercury semi-square Pluto 5:2M 8 PM.

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A look at the year 2015.
by Heather Roan Robbin

Whose life has not changed much in the last three years? Seven Uranus-Pluto squares from 2012 through March 2015 dissolved our old forms and kept us shifting and adapting for three years, precipitating transformations both challenging and wonderful. Toward the end of this year, new forms begin to solidify. Do we like the shape of our life? If, not, let’s use this malleable, potential-filled year to change it up.

The tone of 2015: The last echoes of the Uranus-Pluto square (from the two planets we associate most with revolution and transformation in the pro-active Cardinal signs of Aries and Capricorn respectively) keep us unsettled, exploring our options, and confronting (Uranus in Aries) the power of organized authority (Pluto in Capricorn). Venus and Mars run close together all year long, and add extra emotional torque to all we do. Romance is in the air. So is passionate social unrest and intense personal engagement with our work. Objectivity, however, may be sparse on the ground.

When we put these two planets we most associate with revolution and transformation in an intense squared relationship, Uranus (change) and Pluto (power and transformation), anything can happen., Anything but us to expect things to stay the same and us be happy about. The world is changing, but our impatience and concern can outpace the rate of change.

When this square began in 2012, we saw it echo in revolutionary politics around the globe, but events were still pretty surprisingly quiet (if contentious along party lines) here in the USA. But recently Uranus and Pluto approach the mid-degrees of Cardinal signs (they are now at 13°) and begin to dance on the chart for the mythic America, the one born July 4, 1776, bringing the productive discontent home to roost. Trying to smooth things over in a Pluto-Uranus transit will not work, whether it happens to our country or to ourselves; we have to dive through and do the work. This transit is asking us to change something inherent about the American identity (as Pluto opposes and Uranus squares our national Sun), and change how we structure and discipline are use of power (as Pluto opposes and Uranus squares our national Saturn).

In a personal way this square continues to ask us how do we use power (Pluto in Capricorn), and by that we mean electrical power, fossil fuels, personal power, political power; how do we take it back where we’ve given it away, and make sure we’re wielding the power we do have in the cleanest of ways possible. In a more enthusiastic tone, this square also asks us to really listen to our enlivening, precious, spontaneous spark, listen to what feeds that spark and where it calls us to go.

As 2015 dawns, feisty Mars in Aquarius opposes Jupiter in Leo (both stubborn fixed signs) and sets a strong, energized, competitive, argumentative tone for the whole year. It encourages us to fight for health, for what we believe (Aquarius can be so theoretical) and not back down when advocating for societal causes we believe in.

But it also does the same for those on the other side of our debate. This aspect is tricky; it gives us energy when we’ve got a clear direction, and helps us tackle big challenges with enthusiasm. But once we get locked in a debate or argument can make it hard to let go and hard to move past oppositional behavior into win-win solutions. Again, we’ll see this in our politics and in our personal lives, and have to add our own imagination to find a way for everyone to feel like they’ve won if we want to get past the argument and on to something else.

Saturn in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces (both intuitive mutable signs) on and off all year (intensifying in spring and late fall). Together they also ask us let go of our illusions (and show us the difficulties if we don’t) around the Sagittarian issues of justice, education, spiritual philosophy, and communication across international and inter-species boundaries.

On a more personal level this Saturn-Neptune square ask us to balance work and spirit; instead of seeing our discipline and work at odds with our creative process and spiritual journey (highlighted by the square), this square nudges us bring these apparently divergent polls to work together. Explore how to put disciplined and form into our creative and spiritual practice, and put imaginative inspiration into our work.

In early January, Venus and Mercury in Aquarius turn our focus to our relationship with group, community, the body politic. We may start the year slow and deep as we wrestle with our internal questions, may wrestle with one another or with our worries.
We may even feel inadequate or incompetent for our year ahead as the Sun comes to conjunct Pluto right near a Full Moon in emotional and sensitive Cancer (opposed Pluto and squares Uranus) on January 4. Let’s comfort one another, hold our hearts dear and just make this a deep time, not a deeply worried or resentful time. We can come out of this introspection with new and thoughtful fervor after January 6.

Mars enters Pisces January 12 and takes the challenge inwards, we need to feel the woes of the world (and our own it is a sensitive time) and respond with healthy action. We can feel it all and move forward anyway, but must do so with kindness. Technical innovations jump forward, but consider postponing high-tech purchases and take the time to review while Mercury retrogrades January 21 through February 11.

It’s going to be a fiery spring. The two planets of emotions, Mars and Venus, rush together into passionate Aries February 19 (Mars stays here until it enters Taurus on April 1), (the Sun and Moon enter Aries on March 21 followed by Mercury on March 31) increasing our desire-nature, lowering impulse control, and adding the spark of innovation and willfulness to all we do. Life can conflagrate quickly; be wise, feel the impulse and think for the long haul. This lights a fire under us, so what do we want to bring to a boil? This spring brings fresh revolution with deeply rebellious energy, but we can waste it all in reaction or we can choose to pour this fresh energy into fresh terrain.

Early in May both Venus and Mars enters earthy Taurus. The seeds we plant will root-- whether they are seed for food, love, grudges, work, babies, or hope---so let’s sow with consciousness. Mercury retrogrades May 18-June 11. Enjoy an earthy muskiness this spring, but reel in a tendency to be possessive or territorial, especially around old friends or familiar places. Look for a deeper meaning of security. Reach into the past to preserve personal history, archaeological artifacts and ancient traditions.

The summer brings a review of our work over the last few years, as Saturn retrogrades back into Scorpio and takes all our work down deep within, insisting we take out the trash from memories, hearts and closets. We may see a return of unfinished business left unsettled over the last few years, we’re not stuck here we just have a little bit more work to do to close those chapters.

Mars enters Cancer on June 24 and brings the conversation back to more intimate places but also hones our defenses. If they can save their pride, people are more willing to let go of old angers. Use this warm-heartedness to repair old crisis as Mars strikes the fading Pluto-Uranus square mid-July.

Exercise family responsibilities and boundaries early in August as Saturn turns direct, but lovingly and kindly stay an authority in one’s own life. We focus more on service and less on pride in September as Jupiter enters industrious Virgo, and may need to tend to health issues around filtering and cleansing of our blood stream and the earthly arteries of rivers and lakes

July brings a more idealistic and romantic vibe as Venus in Leo conjuncts Jupiter, peaking July 1 and Mars trines Neptune July 8. People may be able to let go of old angers if they can save their pride in the process. We can use this this warm-heartedness to prepare for a difficult but opportunity-filled weeks as Mars strikes the fading Pluto-Uranus square in mid-July, and take the opportunity to repair an old crisis.

As Uranus begins to pull away from Pluto in the fall, the world doesn’t suddenly get calm, but we may find the major agendas are now already on our plate, rather than new ones arriving weekly, as they have the last few years. We see the work that needs to be done, and now we have to do it. There’s a chance that recent improvements can slide back and we let go of recent progress, but only if we settle.

This is an important time to make working compromises that lead to productive roads, to have patience while people step forward and do their work, but not to let up on our recent efforts for improvement. Whether we’re talking political pressure, or were thinking of our own recent self-improvement efforts, gentle steady pressure towards our goals is really important this fall as new forms and habits coalesce.

As Mars and Venus run together in Leo through September, they bring romantic fervor to the start of school, give us the guts to reach out and expand our social circle, but also add melodrama. Work and personnel are reorganized, and the financial market may adjust.

Mercury retrogrades September 17 through October 9, Pluto turns direct after a long retrograde on September 25, unearthing surprising sludge from the depths of our psyche, but encourages progress soon after.

October –November the focus will be on social justice and improved egalitarian relationships. New societal forms are coalescing, so are new relationships, let’s make sure they work. December looks complicated, more on that as the year winds on.

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